Armand Marseille Bisque Doll Head with Real Hair *

Armand Marseille Bisque Doll Head with Real Hair * picture

**Many more items in my store - check it out - Always adding new items This is a beautiful bisque doll head, made by Armand Marseilles. It has a 15" circumference around the crown of the head, and stands about 8" tall. It must have originally been attached to a large doll, maybe even 36", since the head is so large. You can see my hand behind the head in picture #1, to give you a visual of the size. The head weighs 13.9 ounces (on my postal scale). The doll has weighted beautiful brown glass eyes that open and close ( think these are called paperweight eyes), and real hair eyelashes. Her teeth are in beautiful, undamaged condition. Her cheeks are rosy pink and she has a dimple in her chin. The back of the head is marked as follows: Made in Germany, Armand Marseilles, 390n., D.R.G.M. 246/1, A.13.M. The brown braided hair is real human hair. The hair is detached from the head, and there is some old paper/cardboard inside the crown of the hair (to hold its shape). I have shown you quite a few pictures so you should be able to get a great view of what she looks like. When the eyes are closed, some wear is apparent on the eyelids. There are some old glue-like marks around the top edges of the head, maybe from where the hair was originally attached. There is some soiling/wear around the neck hole. There is a weighted piece of lightweight metal 'chain' attached to a stopper inside the head, that apparently was meant to attach the head to the body of the doll. There are no chips or cracks, and her painted eyebrows, lips, and cheeks are beautifully colored with no loss of paint. My items are guaranteed authentic, and are not reproductions. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, I will cheerfully refund your money upon safe return of the item. The price of shipping and insurance in the USA is included in the bid price. Overseas shipping cost is based upon the country you are located in. My main goal is to provide excellent service, from the time you make your bid until you receive your item. If there are questions or concerns along the way, please let me know.

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Armand Marseille Bisque Doll Head with Real Hair * picture

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