Antique Conta Boehme Bisque Piano Baby

Antique Conta Boehme Bisque Piano Baby picture

This is a beautiful, pre 1860's Conta Boehme Piano Baby. She is made of bisque and she is approximately 11 inches tall. She is in pristeen condition with no chips, cracks or mars of any kind. She has been lovingly handed down in the same family for several generations. She was displayed out of sun light so her colors are still beautiful. Prior to 1860 Conta Boehme did not mark or sign their pieces in any way and she has no factory markings. In later productions, the company began stamping the back or bottom of their pieces and the overall quality of the products were inferior to the pre-1860's work. If you would like additional photos, please let me know and I will be more than happy to email them to you. A Conta Boehme ca. 1860's bisque piano baby, which measured 15 inches in height, was recently sold for $1,025.00.

Click here to see the auction. Currently $125.00.

Antique Conta Boehme Bisque Piano Baby picture

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